Bearwood Promoters is a voluntary group of local music enthusiasts funded entirely by audience donations. They aim to develop and nurture a culturally rich musical environment which promotes a range of musical genres and supports a sustainable live music infrastructure in Bearwood. Incorporated in 2011, they have delivered 7 Bearwood Shuffles in Lightwoods Park at the Bandstand and have supported many other music events, including Picnic in the Park.

Bearwood Promoters promote and provide live music in Bearwood and facilitate local music talent to play and be heard.

Let’s shuffle 

Bearwood Promoters are open to any musical genre and like to mix things up a bit to give audiences a real taste of what’s on out there. Given this open door approach they are also hoping to continue strengthening community spirit and bringing people together throughout Bearwood. Look out for this year’s activities. Stay in touch on our Facebook page Bearwood Shuffle and here on our website http://www.bearwoodshuffle.org .

If you would like to play at future events organised by Bearwood Promoters or if you’d like to lend a helping hand please email them via bearwoodpromoters@gmail.com

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